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Robin  Liguori

Robin grew up in New Jersey and has been hiking ever since she made her way through the woods to day camp. She has been a Hike Leader with CVHC since the early 1990's and she was the first Social Chairman. She worked as a paralegal for a company that plans meetings and conventions. Robin met Larry on a CVHC hike. They were married in 2006 and have been leading hikes together ever since. They have enjoyed countless adventures and mis-adventures on local and international trails. Larry loves the Skyline Trail so that is a staple of the repertoire. Cactus to Clouds took place on a full moon starting at 3 AM. Rabbit Peak & Leatherneck Ridge are up there among the most gruesome. Favorite international hiking trip was Nepal. Favorite local trail is Snow Creek to Fuller Ridge via the shortcut. Winter snowshoe hikes up on San Jacinto are Robin's latest craving. They most enjoy leading longer strenuous hikes.

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